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  • About Tambola

Tambola is the game which we fondly played in various homes, parties, get together parties, birth day parties and clubs. A group of people sit and cut off numbers on small pieces of printed paper which have unique pattern of numbers based upon permutations and combinations.

The first person to cut off all the numbers has to declare himself the winner by notifying the game master.

  • About Us

We "Universal Printers and Advertisers" are the leading manufactures of Computerized Tambola and Houssie tickets In Pune. We are supplying these tickets to all major clubs in Pune and Mumbai for the last 6 years.
Please Call Mrs. Meenakshi Iyer on her mobile Nos. 09922050727 and 09922575315 for further clarification and order.

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Rate : Rs. 0.13 paise per ticket
Delivery charges : at actual

Please Note:

1. VAT : 5% vat will be extra
2. Delivery charges : Within Maharashtra : 01paise extra
                                : Other than Maharashtra : 02paise extra
3. Delivery Period : within 2 working days
4. Payment : Within 15 days from the date of delivery