Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I purchase a set of 50 downloadable tickets, what will I get?

Ans. You will receive a PDF file link over Email having 50 Tickets, that can be printed any number of times. Please Check Spam Folder for Email

Q. What is a Physical Tickets?

Ans. Physical tickets are printed tickets which will be delivered at your door step within 7-10 business days from the date of order.

Q. Quality of the Printed Tickets?

Ans. We use 250+ GSM IRIS Paper on all of our orders which are placed on our website.

Q. Why i can’t buy Tickets as per my Count?

Ans. We have created Sets with which we can have minimum Wastage of Paper. Even if you require Less number of Tickets we Do charge as per the Set Amount. i.e if you want 13 tickets but Set contains 18 tickets you will be charged for complete set of 18 tickets

Q. What is Downloadable Tickets?

Ans. Downloadable tickets are PDF tickets that can be printed and screenshots can be shared online with friends and family.

Q. How can I get separate PDF files/Image file for each ticket?

Ans. Tickets are provided in a set of 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 or 50 tickets per pdf file. If you require individual PDF or JPEG image you can buy our Conversion Service which will cost you an extra of Rs.100/- (upto 50 Tickets).

Q. If I order physical tickets, how soon will it get delivered?

Ans. Physical tickets will be delivered within 7-10 Business days.

Q. How can I update the delivery address after placing order?

Ans. You can Contact us or email at before we process your order. Once the order is processed we will not be able to change the address.

Q. How will I get Downloadable Tickets?

Ans. Link to Downloadable tickets will be emailed to you, and tickets will also be available on MY ACCOUNT SECTION.

Q. Till how long the downloadable link be active/valid in my orders?

Ans. You can keep the Downloaded tickets with you for any time frame, however if you want to access the link from Order Section that will be expired in 30 days or maximum 10 Downloads.

Q. How can I get more customization to the existing tickets?

Ans. Yes we do provide customization to the existing Tickets. Extra charges will be applicable. Please Contact Us for the same.

Q. Can I get a tambola ticket based on my design/idea?

Ans. Yes we will be more than happy to create a customized ticket for you. Feel free to Contact US, our team will get back to you within 1-2 Business Days, or you can also email at Don’t forget to mention correct phone number/email address.

Q. If I found errors/mistakes in downloaded tickets, how can I get the right tickets?

Ans. If you find any mistakes in the tickets, Please Contact Us. We will be more than happy to resolve the issue. If the error is found to be legitimate by our expert, your amount will be refunded.

Q. How can I get extra tickets?

Ans. We suggest you to purchase few extra tickets as we don’t support selling tickets from a random ticket number. Whenever you purchase the ticket you will get from ticket number 1.

Q. I purchased Downlodable /PDF Tickets But why it has watermark on it ?

Ans It has come to our notice that Few Customers Upload the Tickets on Social Media networks and even start reselling the tickets which has caused us huge losses. So as a Safegaurd we have added Watermarks to our Tickets but if you need the tickets without watermark that is possible at an extra cost of Rs 700/- per Design.

Q. I purchased Tickets today. When will be the Game?

Ans. We only sell tickets so you can host the game yourself. No Game will be played by us for the Tickets you purchased from unless specifically mentioned on the Ticket page. No refund will be provided.

Q. How can I get tambola tickets without phone number and branding and watermark of

Ans. Extra charge of Rs 700/- will be Charged for the ticket. Please Contact US or email at

Q. How can I get samples before I purchase the tickets?

Ans. Download our Mobile Application from here and Click on Designer Tickets.

Q. How do I call Tambola Numbers?

Ans. You can purchase a Board and numbers from Market which will cost you between Rs.100-1000/-, or you can use the Tambola Number Caller Application which is absolutely free to download and is available on both Android and IOS

Q. How can I get 1000+ Unique Tickets?

Ans. We can provide you upto 20,000+ unique Combination of Tickets. Please Contact us for bulk pricing and details.

Q. How can I get more than 50 tickets?

AnsFor pdf Tickets feel free to Contact US. For physical Tickets you can order multiple qty in a Same order We will process your order at once and Send you the Product with all unique tickets.

Q. Can I order tickets outside India?

Ans. Yes. Tickets will delivered as per the Delivery Method selected while placing the Order at the Address provided

Q. I require Tickets PDF with Customization ?

Ans. Yes. Tickets will be customized / Created as per your requirement . Charges will be Rs 400 for upto 40 Tickets and 4 rs per ticket for extra tickets (excluding taxes).  PDF Tickets will be watermarked as per Policy for PDF tickets, for removal of watermark extra charge of Rs 700 will be charged. 

Q. I require Physical Tickets with Customization ?

Ans. Yes. Tickets will be customized / Created as per your requirement. Customization is FREE for order above 500Rs (Single Design) . Please Note :- Personalization/ Adding Name or Special Message on the Ticket is not Free and that will be charged 700/- Extra.